Automate your pre- and post-mail

Do you want to give some quick advice just before arrival, or remind the guest you also have your own restaurant? You can with a pre-arrival mail. Or if you want to thank them for their visit after departure, you can with an automatic post-departure mail. If you like, you can even use it to send a post-arrival mail after check-in. Just to check up with the guest that everything is going smoothly. This way you can act up on their specific needs and shift bad memories into warm ones and good reviews.

Of course you can easily modify those e-mails to your own look & feel and add personalistion so that the guest will experience a direct contact. Just one easy set-up, that's all you need. After that, everything will run itself. What more do you want?

Personalised confirmation mails

Are you using the Cubilis Channel Manager or Little Restaurant? Than you can adjust the automatic confirmation mails to your own look & feel. That way you can extend the feeling of your business to every touchpoint with your guests.

Useful reporting

Knowledge is power. That is why we built in a useful reporting within E-mailinglist. That way you can monitor how your campaigns are running: how many read the e-mails, how many clicks,... With this information you can make the necessary adjustments to the content and obtain the maximum ROI out of your e-mail campaigns.

Connection with other Stardekk software

If you are using other Stardekk software like Cubilis, Bookingplanner or Little Restaurant you will save a lot of time. The data will be pushed automatically into E-mailinglist. No more exporting or importing lists. Everything is done for you!

Moreover, the reservation data is sent completly, making it available as a parameter for your campaign.

Cloud based

E-mailinglist is cloud based software. This means you don't need to install anything on your computer. Just use any device with internet connection to access E-mailinglist. That way you can manage your campaigns even on the go!

Remarkably easy

You don't need to be a computer expert to use E-mailinglist. The software is intuitive, creating your e-mails will have the same ease of use if you were working in Word or Powerpoint. Even getting the pictures right will become child's play.