E-mail marketing via E-mailinglist.be = easy & fast

Support your marketing campaigns in a cost efficient (read: profitable) way. Send out a professional mailing to thousands of clients and prospects with just one click. Because it's easy to use you can even use it to inform guests about something urgently in a brink of time.

E-mailinglist allows you to send newsletters targetted to the target group you want: guests, partners, prospects,... The e-mail database can be split up in as many target groups as you want. That way you can make sure everybody will receive only relevant content. 

A digital mailing campaign has a lot more advantages in comparison to traditional 'analog' campagins (printing):

  • No high extra costs (printing, stamps, design ...)
  • ´Hot from the press´ campaigns, with all the latest news, promotion or events to be sent out when, how and where you want with just one click
  • Even deleting an e-mail newsletter, gives more brand awareness than tradional paper print mailings thrown away.
  • ...